All images copyright, Michael Furtman.


A selection of shorebird images by Michael Furtman. All images are available to be licensed for commercial use, or as artprints. To learn more about such uses, email
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American Avocet

42 images

American Woodcock

70 images

Dowitcher, Long-billed

11 images

Dowitcher, Short-billed

27 images

Godwit, Hudsonian

5 images

Godwit, Marbled

48 images


43 images

Phalarope, Red-necked

5 images

Phalarope, Wilson's

28 images

Plover, American Golden

30 images

Plover, Black-bellied

27 images

Plover, Piping

8 images

Plover, Semipalmated

5 images

Plover, Wilson's

8 images

Ruddy Turnstone

37 images

Sandpiper, Bairds

10 images

Sandpiper, Buff-breasted

36 images

Sandpiper, Dunlin

51 images

Sandpiper, Least

37 images

Sandpiper, Pectoral

9 images

Sandpiper, Red Knot

18 images

Sandpiper, Sanderling

21 images

Sandpiper, Semipalmated

30 images

Sandpiper, Solitary

17 images

Sandpiper, Spotted

33 images

Sandpiper, Stilt

17 images

Sandpiper, Upland

19 images

Sandpiper, Yellowlegs, Greater

15 images

Sandpiper, Yellowlegs, Lesser

22 images

Snipe, Wilson's

15 images

Stilt, Black-necked

16 images


9 images


21 images