How to buy my books

Although you COULD order my books from any bookstore (give them the title, the ISBN number and the author's name -- me!), or go to, you can just as easily order it from me. By doing so, I make a few extra bucks (starving writer, you know), and I can autograph it for you, or for whomever you'd like (if it is a gift). Dealers should see the instructions at the bottom of this page.


To purchase by mail, just send a personal check or money order, made out to Michael Furtman, for the amount of the book(s) plus $3.50 shipping and handling per book (In U.S. dollars only, and sent only to U.S. address) Orders are shipped via US Mail book rate -- delivery takes 7-10 days. Mail the book orders to 502 Leicester Avenue, Duluth, MN 55803. I'll mail the book right out as soon as I get the order.  When you send the check, include a note and make sure you tell me the name of the book, include your shipping address, and tell me to whom you want it autographed. Sorry, no overseas orders. If you're ordering from Canada, drop me an email first so we can figure out the best way of getting a book to you.


The other way you can order is via the internet (USA ONLY). By clicking on the PayPal logo on a book's page, you'll go to a secure page OFF MY SITE where you can pay via debit or credit card.  After you complete your order(s) you will be returned to my site, and PayPal forward the payment and order to me. Orders are shipped via US Mail book rate -- delivery takes 7-10 days. PayPal now offers a "shopping cart" feature, so you can order more than one book at a time.

For Autographed Copies: PayPal has now added a "special instruction" field near the end of the ordering process. If you'd like a personalized inscription or autographed copy of a book or books, include the instructions in that field. If you forget while there, just return here if you'd like the book autographed and drop me an email informing me of your desire for a personal inscription. In either case, make sure you tell me the name of the book and to whom you'd like it inscribed. 

PayPal is now the largest internet e-commerce handler, and your transactions with them are secure. If you haven't used them before, you'll be instructed on how to use their service. You do not need to "join" PayPal to process an order. Once PayPal notifies me that your money has been deposited in my account (usually overnight), I'll send you the book(s). I can NOT take credit card orders by mail or phone at this time. 


NOTICE -- Orders are shipped via US Mail book rate -- delivery takes 7-10 days.

Thank you for your business! I hope you enjoy the books.

Please note that I'm the sole "proprietor" of this venture. Sometimes I go into the woods for a week or two. If I'm going to be gone a LONG time, I'll put a notice on this page, so that you'll know that delivery, or a response to an email for information, may delayed. If I'm around, I'll try to send fill your order or respond to you immediately.


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