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It seems everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a web site, and the merging of these has allowed all of us the unprecedented ability to share information and opinions.  Countless times, when I've been stumped over a computer problem, or researching equipment purchases, I've come across information posted by someone "out there" which has been of tremendous  assistance. This page, and those linked to it, is my chance to share some of the things I've learned in the hopes that the information will save you some headaches, or explain something that has stumped you. Enjoy!

Learning Section:

So You Want To Be A Professional Wildlife Photographer? Part One

Here's an article on selling your photos to publishers. How are photos priced? What is a stock agency? And why you should never contribute images to these rip-off "royalty free stock photo" internet agencies!

Hunting Wildlife With A Camera -- The Woodland Ninja™ Way

Don't want to be one of those wildlife photographers standing on the roadside in a throng of other photographers? Then learn to "hunt" wildlife with a camera off the beaten track!

So You Want To Be A Professional Wildlife Photographer? Part Two 

Here's an addition to the above article. I've been getting lots of FB messages and emails from those of you who obviously read Part One. Here's an attempt to answer your questions!

How To Add A Watermark To Your Images

Ever wonder how people get a watermark on their online images? Here's and article on how to put your signature or text on your photos.

Hunting For Good Photography Gear

Some of the best bags, clothing and other gear for nature photography are made for hunters and sold through places like Cabela's. Find out HERE some of the items I think are essential!

The Beginner's Guide To Wildlife Photography

I didn't write this article, but it is a helpful one. The link was sent to me by Ms. Shubert's class at a youth center in Toronto. Two students of the class, Kathleen and Stephanie, found this article online and thought my readers might find it useful, too. Thanks, girls!

You can read the article HERE

How To Write Photoshop Actions

One of the best features of Photoshop is the ability to "record" the things you do to an image so that you automatically apply the same steps to other images. These recordings are called "Actions." Learn how to write Actions here.

Applying Actions To Multiple Images – Photoshop’s Batch Command

Now that you've learned to write actions, here's how you can get Photoshop to apply them to a bunch of images at a time, while you sip coffee or take a nap.

JPEG vs. RAW, and JPEG Myths:
I weigh in on the debate of whether to shoot JPEG or RAW, and debunk some common myths about JPEG. Click HERE.


On Pixel-Peeping:
(Or the tendency to scrutinize photos to death.)
Read It HERE.

You Be The Judge:
How much difference in image quality between a JPEG and RAW Image? Can your eye see a difference? A RAW-JPEG comparison HERE.

Using Windows Explorer To Organize Your Images:
Windows Explorer is the best way to see, organize and move your image files. But Microsoft hid it beginning with Win98 Second Edition. Here's how to use it.


Explaining Pixels, Resolution, DPI and PPI:
The concepts of resolution, pixels, and the proper use of DPI and PPI are confusing! Click HERE for an article I wrote for Outdoors Unlimited that helps explain these terms.



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