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Missing Lake Index Page
 A reader noted that one page of the lake index was missing in the first printing, and some of those editions are still out there. If some of the BWCAW lakes beginning with "H" and all of those beginning with "I" are missing from your copy, please download the missing page by clicking on this
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The New Boundary Waters and Quetico Fishing Guide


Welcome to the vastly updated edition of my classic A Boundary Waters Fishing Guide, now called The New Boundary Waters and Quetico Fishing Guide!

I first wrote and self-published the original version in 1984 when I discovered that there wasn't a good source of information about the fishing to be found in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. It received minor updates twice, and hads been in print ever since.

But it was long overdue that I completely revise the book, and that's what I've done.

Yes, you’ll find familiar passages in this edition – no sense messing with a good thing! However, the number of changes and updates were so significant, that it required that I actually issue this as a new book, rather than a “revised” edition. The title has been changed to reflect the fact that the book contains information on the Quetico as well as the Boundary Waters, and the "New" was added because there really is a wealth of new information in this book. In case you’re an owner of an earlier edition, and wondering if this version is worth the purchase, let me tell you that there is much new material in this book – new information on routes, new information on equipment, new information on fishing techniques, and a much more accurate and complete lake index. 

For instance, there is a new chapter on route planning, and advice on whether to choose the BWCAW or Quetico for your trip. There's an entirely new chapter on obtaining permits, border crossings, and rules for the wilderness. Every one of the fish species chapters (each major fish species in the wilderness is given its own chapter where you'll find information on their habits, habitats, the best lures for catching them, and fishing techniques needed) has many changes. The equipment chapter has been brought up to date, and includes information on the use of fishing electronics in the wilderness.

Most significantly, the lakes indexes (separate ones for the BWCAW and Quetico) have been substantially revised. Frankly, I was surprised by the number of changes needed to the lake indexes. I had long figured that while equipment would change, while rules and regulations would change, the lakes would remain the same. But since the first edition came out in 1984, the range of some species has expanded, fish stockings have occurred, and new lake surveys have been completed. There are hundreds changes to the lake indexes!

If you're heading into either the Boundary Waters or Quetico, and plan to do some fishing, you'll find this book invaluable. It is the only complete guide to what is in each of the thousands of lakes in these wilderness areas (OK, not EVERY lake is in here, but almost!). There's a whole bunch of information on what lures work for which species, how to pack a nice, small tackle selection that'll still be effective, and even some helpful diagrams on how to fillet fish.

Each major fish species gets its own chapter, and if you've never fished these Canadian Shield type lakes, even experienced anglers should find my advice helpful. The great thing about fishing in the BWCAW and Quetico is that, in this day and age when fishing has become so complicated and technical, one is forced to simplify just by the nature of packing and portaging. If it's been a long time since you fished with your brain instead of technology, then THE NEW BOUNDARY WATERS AND QUETICO FISHING GUIDE will be a welcomed refresher course.

ISBN 978-0-916691-05-9
Birch Portage Press, 2008
Softcover, illustrated
200 pages

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