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Michael Furtman's
Whitetails -- Phantoms of the Forest

White-tailed deer are marvels of nature.

Unmatched in grace and agility, whitetails can clear obstacles seven feet high in a single, effortless leap. Although they may grow to 300 pounds, they can turn on a dime at full speed, yet they are so light-footed that they can move silently through the densest forest. This agility, combined with acute senses, truly means whitetails are phantoms of the forest.

While other large North American animals have declined in numbers, the whitetail population grows. With its highly evolved characteristics and keen defense system, the whitetail has not only adapted to a rapidly changing world, it has flourished.

Simply put, whitetails are supreme survivors.

WHITETAILS: Phantoms of the Forest provides an authoritative and fascinating profile of these amazing animals with (I hope!) some lively and informative writing, coupled with impressive photography, leaving you with an exciting look at one of nature's true wonders.

ISBN 1-55971-572-3
NorthWord Press, 1996
143 pages, soft cover fully illustrated with color photography



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